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Hello and welcome to my coaching site!


By landing on this page you’re clearly already thinking about embarking on a supported path to developing brilliant new artworks and sustaining a rich, rewarding career.


You’ve probably also come across various coaches and mentors along the way and likely have some questions about how it all works?  If that’s your experience, then I’m here to offer you some information about what you might realistically expect from the coaching experience.


All coaches are not the same. Finding the right coach for you might take some time, I know it took me a while to find the right coach for me (step up Ceri Hand) but it’s worth the search - for many artists the support of a coach has proved invaluable in forging a path through our often unclear landscape, landed funding, landed shows and met invaluable contacts.


My coaching is designed to help artists to develop their work and to navigate their place within the artworld


This one simple sentence encompasses a complex web of decisions, negotiations and practicalities that artists make on a daily basis that can feel overwhelming, confusing and sometimes baffling!


As an artist I am very well acquainted with the problems of maintaining an arts practice - keeping my head above water financially, selling work, editing the millions of ideas in my head, making the work, finding a realistic work/life balance, raising my profile, developing networks, applying for opportunities or funding, facing rejection, accepting success, and getting my work shown etc etc. It’s a lot right?


Over the past 7 years since I gained my coaching qualification with RD1st I have been super privileged to be able to offer support to a growing list of artists - from the newly graduated and emerging right up to high profile artists with a string of solo shows under their belt and gallery representation - BUT what is striking about working with such a wide range of artists is that we all face varying levels of the same issues and that these shared concerns can be faced and tackled better with the support, belief, motivation, honest critique and encouragement that coaching can provide.


How my coaching works


This 7 years of coaching experience, and my now wide roster of artist clients across the UK and beyond, has given me a brilliant insight into the amazing lives of some incredible artists and helped me to develop coaching strategies that are tailored precisely to address your concerns and help you to create your own strategies for success.


Coaching sessions explore, develop and encourage artists own creative thought processes and problem solving skills through active listening and skilled questioning.  We will work to identify your specific issues and to set long and short term timelines and goals. We will identify your specific path to becoming the kind of artist that you want to be, what you want to achieve and why, where you want to do it and who you want to do it with, how you want to show it and why. 

These bespoke sessions open up opportunities to develop awareness of yourself, of others and of your audience through realising different perspectives and viewpoints in a productive, focused space that encourages exploration of ideas and complex thinking. Sessions take place in a safe, non-judgemental, neutral environment where mutual trust and complete confidentiality are key. 


Coaching is an effective way of exploring your potential in a number of different ways, including: 

  • identifying areas for personal development 

  • overcoming challenges or blocks within your arts practice 

  • increasing confidence and understanding of your creative and professional practice 

  • changing and/or developing career direction 

  • finding strategies to alleviate or deal with stressful situations

  • resolving problems within complex projects

  • increasing motivation and productivity 


These are by no means exclusive and all sessions are led by initial topics, questions or problems identified by you. 


Read more about the benefits of coaching with me from previous clients testimonials  HERE 

Please contact me HERE to schedule a free no obligation phone call to discuss options or book a coaching package directly via link HERE

Jo Clements


Specialist Coaching and Mentoring for Artists and Arts Professionals


Jo Clements
Specialist Coaching for Artists
Arts Professionals

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