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Why Coaching?

Coaching sessions explore, develop and encourage coachees own thought processes and 

problem solving skills through active listening and skilled questioning rather than offering specific advice or solutions.  Within the arts sector there is a strong reliance on self directed working and therefore, as a practicing artist, my philosophy for peer-to-peer coaching is one that supports and challenges those working in the arts by enabling coachees to identify and clarify personal goals and develop targeted, bespoke plans to achieve them. 

Sessions open up opportunities to develop awareness of self, of others and of audience through realising different perspectives and viewpoints in a productive, focused space for the artist that encourages exploration of ideas and complex thinking. Sessions take place in a safe, non-judgemental, neutral environment where mutual trust and complete confidentiality are key. 


Coaching is an effective way of exploring your potential in a number of different ways, including: 

  • identifying areas for personal development 

  • overcoming challenges or blocks within your arts practice 

  • increasing confidence and understanding of your creative and professional practice 

  • changing and/or developing career direction 

  • finding strategies to alleviate or deal with stressful situations 

  • resolving problems within complex projects

  • increasing productivity 


These are by no means exclusive and all sessions are led by initial topics, questions or problems identified by the coachee. 


Read more about the benefits of coaching with me from previous clients testimonials  HERE



Jo Clements


Specialist Coaching and Mentoring for Artists and Arts Professionals


Jo Clements


Specialist Coaching for Artists

Arts Professionals

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